Infra Industries Ltd (IIL) has been in the field of Rotationally Molded Plastic products since 1991, mainly Water and Chemical Storage Tanks. Having operations in 1991, in Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Karnataka, the Company quickly established itself as a reliable brand name due to its consistent product quality, wide range of products and well established dealership network.

The Company is headed by inspirational leaders and manned by skilled and experienced personnel at every level to ensure consistent performance, steady growth and constant innovation. The collective efforts ascertain that every endeavor at Infra is well directed and achieves the desired results within the stipulated time schedules.

Stringent Quality control, regular preventive maintenance and critical technology up-gradation have resulted in Infra being the preferred choice of customers. The dedicated and skilled marketing team ensures complete understanding of customer’s need; effective service and proper guidance in aiding customers select the product best suited for their requirements. At Infra we believe in relationships that endure.

Infra is dedicated to bring new products and technologies in Rotational Molding which is available in developed countries, within the reach of Indian consumers. Most of the new technologies are ‘Eco-Friendly’, as they reduce impact on natural resources, minimize emissions; products are 100% recyclable and reduce the carbon foot-print.

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